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The classification of automotive stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Car body stamping parts can be broadly divided into covering parts, frame parts and stamping parts in general. Can clearly said car image characteristics of stamping parts is automotive covering parts. As a result, more specifically auto mould can say as a 'automotive covering parts stamping mould. Hereinafter referred to as automotive covering parts stamping die. For example, the vehicle door plate trimming die, car door panel punching die, etc. According to the use of more commonly USES are divided into: covering parts, supporting parts, structural reinforcement, support and frame beam, etc. Covering parts is divided into outer cover and inner cover parts, with a thin material, complex shape and structure of large size and high precision, high surface quality, not a molding, etc. Many beams is included in the cover assembly. Such as automobile engines, cab, floor, side such as the strengthening of beam, etc. General stamping parts, the covering parts is relatively simple shape, the structure of small size, deformation degree, low dimensional accuracy, less process, mould is simpler, tonnage of equipment used. Without of production line, the single machine can be finished. We have to change the situation instead of the whole, poor scattered, according to the size of the stamping parts, technical requirements and classify, combination of several large professional stamping parts suppliers. Form small, specially stamping parts factory, through taking the path of specialization, my company professional stamping components become bigger and stronger. Became the main supplier of BMW supplier market competition ability. 5. The selection of stamping equipment & # 8194;   The punching is install the stamping die stamping equipment, therefore the design of the mould to match the stamping equipment type and the main specifications, otherwise unable to work. Correct selection of stamping equipment, related to the safety of the equipment used, the smooth implementation of the stamping process and stamping parts quality, production efficiency and die life and a series of important issues. The choice of device type & # 8194; Stamping equipment types mainly according to the nature of the stamping process to be completed, the production batch size and precision of the stamping parts requirements, etc. ( 1) Blanking pieces for small and medium-sized, bending or deep drawing parts and so on, mainly choose open mechanical press, open press stiffness is not high, and in the use of pressure under the action of lathe bed deformation will change the die clearance distribution, to reduce the die life and the surface quality of the stamping parts, but because it provides a very convenient operating conditions and the characteristics of easy to install mechanical accessory device, so now is still the main equipment for small and medium-sized stamping production. In addition, in the small and medium-sized stamping parts production, if using guide mode or work requirements guide pin, guide sleeve, not out of the mold, should choose small eccentric press. ( 2) For large and medium-sized stampings, choose closed more mechanical press, including general-purpose universal press and special precision press, double or three action drawing press, etc. Among them, the blanking plate or fine blanking should choose precision and rigidity of high precision press; In the production of large complex deep drawing parts, should try to choose double acting or three action drawing press, thus can make the mould structure is simple, easy to adjust.
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