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The classification of the furniture hardware stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Furniture hardware stamping parts can be roughly divided into two major categories of decorative hardware and functional hardware, in today's highly industrialized production level, both under the guidance of theory of industrial design, are gradually towards unification. Use in furniture surface decoration hardware, with all kinds of decoration to adorn, have the effect that make the finishing point; Depends on the use of functional furniture hardware fittings, functional hardware to a certain extent, the design of the furniture decision. If the use of functional division, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories: fitting and shelf pin, hinge, hinge, furniture lock, and pin and functional kitchen furniture hardware, sitting room and bedroom furniture hardware, drawer tracks, move the folding door and al the door hardware, furniture hardware, feet and legs, decorative hardware and furniture exhibition hall furniture hardware, furniture, lamps and lanterns, the self-contained and tools. According to the type of furniture, furniture hardware and can be divided into the following categories: general furniture hardware, kitchen furniture hardware, civil suite furniture hardware, hotel furniture hardware, interior decoration, hardware and the exhibition hall furniture hardware and so on. A: the main characteristics of stamping parts is introduced
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