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The Common Way Of Automatic Stamping Production By Stamping Parts Manufacturers


The automatic production of stamping parts has the advantages of high production efficiency, short production cycle, good quality of stamping parts, saving labor costs, and safe operation. At present, many stamping parts manufacturers have gradually realized automatic stamping production, which is achieved by what means? The following ways are commonly used for your reference.

1.single machine automatic stamping

In each link of the single stamping production, a series of related automatic stamping devices are installed to achieve stamping automation. It is easy to realize the management mechanism of one person and multiple machines, and the production efficiency of stamping is significantly improved.

2. automatic feeding stamping die

From the stamping die hand, on the basis of the progressive die with fewer work steps, the automatic feeding device and other related devices are set up to form the automatic feeding stamping die. It has the advantages of less investment, simple implementation and no need for high technical support.

3.multi-station automatic stamping

The multi-station stamping process can be realized on a multi-station press or by means of a multi-station progressive die on a single-station press. The multiple processes of the stamping parts can be combined on a punch to complete the stamping at one time, that is, every time the press presses, it can complete a stamping part that needs to be punched several times to complete. The multi-station press plays an irreplaceable role in the automation of drawing, bending and other forming parts

4.stamping manipulator

The stamping manipulator controlled by fixed program is mainly used for mass stamping production, loading and unloading, flipping and transferring workpiece on single machine and rigid stamping automatic line; The variable program control stamping manipulator is used in automatic stamping occasions where the variety is often changed and the working procedure is changed frequently. It can also be used for automatic stamping of large workpieces with heavy weight.

5. CNC automatic stamping

It is suitable for stamping automation of large size plate stamping parts. With the help of a series of standard dies installed in the CNC press, stamping processes of different shapes are completed by means of CNC programming. It is also suitable for automatic stamping of medium and small size, multi-variety and timely small batch stamping parts. In the CNC stamping environment, there is no need to make a specific mold for a specific workpiece, which not only saves the cost of mold making, but also greatly shorens the production cycle of the product, and has broad application prospects.

6.stamping automatic line

Rigid stamping automatic line is an important direction to improve productivity in the mass production of large size stamping parts, and can be compatible with other non-stamping processes. The flexible stamping automatic line greatly reduces the stamping cost of medium and small batch large size stamping parts on the stamping automatic line.

7. Adopt automatic monitoring technology

It is still necessary to use automatic monitoring technology to achieve stamping automation, which can timely monitor all kinds of faults, and promote "fault shutdown" with a far more agile response speed than people, effectively avoiding equipment accidents and mold accidents. At the same time, it is also an important guarantee means to realize the process monitoring of automatic stamping and ensure the rapid and high efficiency of automatic stamping production.

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