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The composition of stamping mould and precision grade precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Before the production of stamping parts are need to design stamping die, stamping die design is reasonable, stamping precision grade, are involved in the whole service life of parts after the production efficiency and cost. So precision for everyone here to do a simple introduction of stamping mold. Stamping die is mainly composed of molding parts and fastening parts and mold base: one, craft parts. Directly in the processing of stamping materials forming parts called process parts, divided into the following three categories of 1) Working parts directly forced the deformation of sheet metal separation or parts such as punch, concave die, intensive, and so on. 2) Positioning parts determine the coarse forming correct position in the stamping die pressing parts. Such as the dowel pin, positioning plate, block pin, guide pin, guide plate, distance side blade, lateral pressure and etc. 3) Convenient production pressure, discharge and the material parts such as pressure to coil plate, ejection device, the top pin, push, push, A) Rod, waste cutter, etc. Two, auxiliary parts. Working on a punching die and components in contact with the metal material is not known as the auxiliary parts, divided into the following three categories: 1) Guiding parts to die is direction, ensure upper and lower die are closed parts of progressive die. Such as guide bush, guide pin, guide plate, guide piece, etc. 3) Supporting and clamping parts will die parts together, of the above, the mould for whole parts, as above, the template. To undertake work pressure needed parts such as convex and concave die plate is bearing parts, etc. Clamping parts have a fixed plate and the die handle etc. 3) Fastening parts and other include the guide posts on the punching die, blade and attached special parts for the realization of some functions, etc.
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