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The connector terminals common problems and solutions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Connector terminals in use process will encounter some problems, such as peeling, eroded due to the coating surface, bruising, or molded case flash, rupture, contact close contact parts processing rough or deformation caused by a variety of reasons such as bad appearance; Due to the positioning lock tight fit size out-of-tolerance, consistency processing quality is poor, total separation force is too large to causes such as reversal etc. Electrical automation technology network engineer for your analysis terminal common fatal failure form are the following: 1. Poor contact: terminals within the metal conductor is the core part of the terminal, it will be offered for power supply and signal transmission over other parts of the contact. Terminal blocks within the metal conductor must possess good transmission performance. If contact element design is unreasonable, material selection error, size is not standard, or plating processes improper, will cause poor contact of the connector terminals. 2. Bad: fixed terminals need to be fixed in a certain position to achieve stable connection. Sometimes careless installation is not perfect, or product durability such as limited number of plug is too much, lead to adverse, fixed light person affect reliable contact cause instantaneous power, serious is the disintegration of products. Refers to the disintegration of terminals in close state, due to the material, design, technology and so on reasons for structure between plug and socket caused by unreliable, abnormal separation between pin and socket, will cause control system and signal control in power transmission interrupted serious consequences. Unreliable due to design, select material errors, incorrect molding process, heat treatment, mould, assembly, welding process of poor quality, such as fixed assembly does not reach the designated position, etc can cause adverse. 3. Defective insulation: the role of insulator is to keep contact with a correct position, and make contact with the contact between, insulation between contact element and shell. So the insulation parts must have excellent electrical performance, mechanical property and formability. Especially with high density, miniaturization of the widespread use of terminals, the effective wall thickness is more and more thin insulator. The insulation materials, precision injection mold and molding process, such as more stringent requirements are put forward. Due to the insulator surface or within the metal tailings, surface dust, flux, such as pollution. 4. Be affected with damp be affected with damp, organic material deposition and harmful gas adsorption film with surface water membrane fusion to form ionic conductive channel, the absorption of moisture, mold, insulation aging, can cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance insulation fault phenomenon. Any one terminal failure will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering. Everyone in use process, therefore, should try to avoid the above mentioned these may cause the connector terminal malfunction, make the terminal more durable.
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