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The connectors product range and its model

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Due to the structure of the connector is increasingly diverse, new structure and application areas appear constantly, trying to use a fixed pattern to solve the problem of classification and naming, has been difficult to adapt. Even so, some of the basic classification is still effective. In industry management in China, the connector and switch, keyboard, collectively known as electric plug components such as the electric plug elements and relay is generally referred to as the mechanical and electrical components. Types of connector products division although some confusion, but technically, connector product category only two basic method: (1) according to the structure shape: round and rectangular ( Cross section) (2) according to the working frequency, low frequency and high frequency ( By a 3 MHZ) 。 According to the above division, belongs to circular coaxial connectors, printed circuit connector belonging to the rectangular ( Historically, printed circuit connector is separated from the rectangular connectors in the singular) , and the current popular rectangular connectors its cross section is trapezoidal, similar to the rectangle. Based on the bounded 3 MHZ with low frequency and high frequency radio frequency division is the basic consistent. As for other USES, installation method, special structure and special properties can also be divided into many different types, and often appeared in the publication and the manufacturer's literature, but usually only in order to highlight the characteristics and purposes, a basic principle of classification is still not beyond the division of the above. Considering the connector technology development and actual situation, from its versatility and relevant technical standards, the connector can be divided into the following categories ( Category) : (1) low frequency circular connector (2) the rectangular connector (3) printed circuit (4) rf connector (5) optical fiber connector. The connector model named is the basis of customer purchasing and manufacturers to organize production. In the connector industry at home and abroad, product model named has two ideas: one is to use letters and Numbers, strive for in the model named reflect the main structure of the product. The benefits of this approach is easy to identify, but is too long, too complex, as the miniaturization of the connector, caused a lot of difficulties for printing. This way, the domestic still popular in some industry standard or national standard and make the rules, such as SJ2298 - 83 ( Printed circuit connector) 、SJ2297- 83 ( Rectangular connector) 、SJ2459- 84 ( Ribbon cable connector) GB9538 - 88 ( Ribbon cable connector) And so on. Due to the increasingly diversified structure of connector, in practice by a naming rules covering one kind of connector is more and more difficult. Another idea is to use Arabic numerals. The benefits of this approach is simple, easy to computer management and small product logo printing. The main connector manufacturers in the world adopt this way. Can be expected by the manufacturer to make reflect its own characteristics of naming method will gradually replace under the planned economy system shall be prescribed by an industry-wide unity some way of naming rules. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification, delivery yield rate more than 90%, a deliver qualified rate of more than 85%. Warmly welcome you to contact us, developing proiect! In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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