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The contest between precision stamping and ordinary stamping.

The contest between precision stamping and ordinary stamping.


Stamping processing is a process in which materials are deformed in a stamping die to obtain stamping parts of a certain shape, size and performance. It is mainly divided into two types: ordinary stamping and precision stamping

From the meaning of the word, it can be seen that precision stamping has more advantages than ordinary stamping, whether it is in terms of product performance and quality or production efficiency. Let's take a look at the results of the contest between the two.


1. High dimensional accuracy

The dimensional accuracy of precision stamping can reach IT7~IT9 level, while the dimensional accuracy of ordinary stamping parts is generally only IT9~IT12 level, and the dimensional accuracy of stamping parts processed by precision stamping is higher.


2. High surface integrity

The surface integrity rate of precision stamping parts can reach level 1, generally level 2, and the general burr height is 0.01mm~0.08mm, and the consistency of the parts is good.


3. The cutting surface is smooth and smooth

Ordinary stamping parts have high shear surface roughness and rough cross section, while precision stamping parts have low shear surface roughness and smoother cross section.


4. Good product quality

The mold structure of precision stamping parts is complex, and the manufacturing precision is high. The surface of the product is plastic through the fixed mold, and there is little deformation, and the quality of precision stamping parts is better.


5. Strong product applicability

The use of precision stamping technology can process parts of any shape and size according to production requirements, which can meet the product requirements of different industries and has stronger applicability.


6. High production efficiency

Precision stamping is easy to operate, has low labor requirements, and is easy to realize automation and mechanization. The production efficiency of high-speed precision presses is higher than that of ordinary stamping machines.

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