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The design of the stamping die, stamping have why to ask?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
In the face of a workpiece must learn to recognize when its type, stamping parts, forging parts or molded parts, and apply it to further. So-called stamping parts, it is depend on press and die for sheet, strip, pipe and profiles, such as external force, to produce plastic deformation or separation after get the appropriate size and shape of the workpiece. That is to say, stamping production depends on two aspects, one is the press, there is a mold. For stamping mold, after a long period of time of use must be grinding blade, blade surface after grinding and its also must undertake demagnetization, otherwise it will occur the phenomenon of wall material; But also to do daily care and lubrication of the stamping die. And stamping elastic parts during the process of using, spring prone to damage phenomenon, also can appear the phenomenon of rupture and deformation, so you need to regularly change the spring, but to pay attention to the specifications and types of spring. Stamping is one of the important production technology, to achieve higher efficiency of stamping parts processing time, will be targeted to do on the technical improvement. In the design of stamping parts, must follow the appearance is simple, the principle of reasonable structure, simple process; And the assembly is convenient maintenance; In addition to the use of products and technology function, satisfies the requirement of stamping parts used in practical production. In addition, in the process of design of stamping parts, as much as possible, should consider extending the service life of product and raw material saving, do try to be within the range allowed zero loss, reduce the production cost of stamping parts for the enterprise.
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