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The determination of metal stamping parts processing plan

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Stamping process plan design content includes: number and types of process, process sequence and combination; Determine the mold type is die, compound die with a single process or continuous mode; Determine the feeding way is to use manual or semi-automatic or automatic mode; To determine reasonable layout and process between size and so on. Analysis of the stamping characteristics of the shape, size, accuracy requirements, raw material specification and mechanical performance, and combining with specifications of stamping equipment and mould manufacturing conditions, factors such as the production batch, manufacturability analysis of stamping parts. Good stamping manufacturability should guarantee the material consumption, less number of process, occupy less equipment, mould structure is simple and high service life, stable product quality, simple operation. Determine the process scheme, main technical parameters are calculated on the basis of the stamping manufacturability analysis, find out the characteristics of the technology and die design and the difficulty, according to the actual situation proposed a variety of possible stamping process plan, the content including the number of process characteristics, process, operation sequence and combination, etc. Sometimes the same kind of stamping parts there are likely to be more feasible stamping process plan, usually each have advantages and disadvantages, each solution from product quality, production efficiency, equipment usage, mold manufacturing and life expectancy to the difficulty of the high and low, production cost, convenient operation and comprehensive analysis and comparison are made on the aspects such as security degree, the best way to identify suitable for existing production conditions. Choose stamping equipment according to the nature of the stamping process to be completed and can force characteristics of various kinds of stamping equipment, consider stamping processing required for the work of deformation force, deformation and mould height and outline dimensions such as the size of the main factors, combining with the existing factory equipment to reasonable selected equipment type and tonnage. A: on the precision stamping parts stamping process and design of the gear
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