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The development direction of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Dongguan metal stamping parts to large complex, precision, composite efficient, multifunctional and long life direction. Dongguan increasingly large-scale hardware stamping mould products, and precision will be more and more high. Ten years ago, the accuracy of precision automatic lathe parts for 5 mum, is now up to 2 ~ 3 mum. Before long, 1 mum precision stamping parts will be listed. As the requirement of miniaturization and precision parts, some automatic lathe parts machining accuracy tolerance requirement in 1 & amp; mu; M the following, which requires the development of superfinishing dongguan shenzhen metal stamping parts processing industry for further development of multifunctional composite mould, a multi-function metal stamping mold besides stamping molding parts, also take the overlying, tapping, riveting, and assembly tasks such as locking. Through this multi-function mold production is no longer a batch of parts, but a batch of components, such as power supply pins of the components, all kinds of micro motor, electric appliance and instrument of core components, etc. More color and material of the plastic forming mould will also have a rapid development. This mold shorten the production cycle of products, development and application in different fields will be in the future. With the increasingly popularization and application of hot runner technology, hot runner mold will gradually increase in the proportion of plastic mold. The mold hot runner technology can improve the productivity and quality of parts, and can greatly save parts of raw materials, the application of this technology in overseas development soon, has been very common. Domestic heat mould has production, some enterprises has reached around 30%, but on the whole, the low proportion, to be developed. With the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding process, the gas-assisted mold and adapt to high pressure injection molding process of mould will then development. The proportion of medium pressure molding stamping mould industry will continue to improve. Such as vehicle and motor products to develop in the direction of lightweight, and complexity to the number of die mold, life will be higher and higher demands are proposed. With the development of plastic steel, plastic and wood products and parts of the continuous improvement of accuracy and complexity, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to improve, the accuracy and complexity will also along with the increase. Standardization of mold standard parts of applications will increasingly widespread, mold and die standard parts application can greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. Use of standard can not only shorten the mould manufacturing cycle, and can improve the mould quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs. At the same time, the rapid economic mold promising prospects. Due to demands for mold production cycle shorter, the better, so development rapid economic mold is more and more cause the attention of people. For example, developed a variety of superplastic materials to make the mould; With epoxy, polyester, or in the filler metal, glass and other reinforcement to make simple mold. This kind of mould manufacturing process is simple, easy control precision, shrinkage of small, cheap, high service life. Can also be used cement plastic moulds made by automotive covering parts. Middle and low melting point alloy mould, spray forming mold, mold, precision molds, cascade mode, ceramic mold and light absorption model and using heat curing rubber fast manufacture low cost mold, rapid economic mold will be further developed. Quick die set, such as quick change punch will be growing. Also adopt computer control and mechanical operation of quick die change equipment, rapid test device technology will develop and improve. A: stamping parts of the market and technology
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