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The development direction of stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Stamping parts processing and the development direction of 1, meet the needs of the mass production of dongguan hardware stamping parts and reduce the labor intensity. Stamping production mechanization and automation research should be strengthened, in the general, can be used in high-speed presses for small multi-station progressive die production, achieve highly automated production to further improve stamping productivity. 2, expand the application range of stamping production. Make cold stamping is suitable for mass production, also suitable for small batch production. Both can produce general precision of the products, also can produce precision components. Attention should be paid to development such as fine blanking ( Especially the thick fine blanking) , soft, high-energy forming mould, pressing and superplastic forming new forming technology, to promote simple model ( Soft mould and low melting point alloy mould) , general combination model, the use of CNC punch press and other equipment. Metal stamping parts processing technology development process should be correctly determine the process parameters and the working parts of die shapes and sizes, improve the quality of stamping parts, shorten new product development cycle, should be to strengthen stamping on the basis of theoretical research, to stamping theory plays a role of guidance to the production practice, gradually establish a set of closely combining with the actual production of advanced process analysis and calculation method. Abroad has started using elastic-plastic finite element method, the forming process of automobile cover parts of stress and strain analysis and computer simulation, to predict the possibility of a process of parts and the possible problems. A: metal stamping processing common process
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