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The development of metal stamping parts market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Dongguan metal stamping parts according to the statistics, the development of the market in recent years, the development of China's hardware industry growth of 20% per year, annual output value of 400 billion yuan, has become the world's first superpower. However, one of the highest profit margins in the high-end market has long dominated by foreign manufacturers, this from the domestic and foreign products in the huge difference in the price of raw. It is understood that a normal 10 inch live wrench, our products market price in eight yuan; And same quality, produced by the Swiss the market price of the same type of wrench in Shanghai is as high as 100 yuan. Then 8 inch wire cutter, such as common on the market at present market is six yuan, and a German production of the same quality and type of combination pliers, can be sold to the high price of 390 yuan in Shanghai. 'the future of our goals is deeper involvement in the domestic high-end market, we have been doing research. 'in the above the tool manufacturers, due to long-term export abroad or stick a card (for foreign OEM) , many domestic enterprises on the product quality is very good. 'is the key to change the past practice of production, brand, strengthening brand management ability and the consciousness of corporate image strategy, so that we will be able to obtain proper market position, and through the industry of winter. 'four trillion investment opportunities in the external environment in cold at the same time, the country plans to launch the four trillion rescue investment and expand domestic demand, ten measures to stimulate the economy as a hardware industry a shot in the arm. 'ten measures, the construction of infrastructure become one of the key to further expand domestic demand. Especially like to speed up the construction of affordable housing projects, increase the intensity of support for the construction of low-rent housing, accelerate the shantytown renovation project, intensify the building of rural roads has direct relationship with hardware, such as for the winter and the recovery of the industry have played an important role in timely. 'the Chinese market society of Gao Tiesheng said. While others point to the infrastructure and hardware industry the highest correlation in the construction of railways, roads, airports, etc. , due to the construction standard requirement is too high, most current domestic hardware companies actually cannot meet the requirement. 'however, our eyes should be put in the long run, many enterprises in thinking about how to divide the cake at the same time, more should take this opportunity to practice the internal strength. In the tower industrial products trade ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , general manager of this superb drama, it seems, though China's hardware industry is faced with many problems, but also is facing a rare opportunity for development, China's hardware industry is in a major strategic development period, the speeding up of urbanization, industrialization and modernization, the people's living standard is the WTO era from subsistence to well, provides the hardware industry unprecedented opportunities for development. So, once the domestic demand and economic is pulled, we have the ability to follow up immediately. An article on ': the technical requirement of metal stamping parts
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