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The development of metal stamping parts stamping technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping technology development trend of advanced forming technology for the development of Europe and the United States are developing future household car aluminum body, can make the 40 - reduction in weight 50%, money is only a third of the average current car. The main problem is to develop low-cost aluminum alloy, the development of new structure and high efficient manufacturing methods, and improving recovery technology. Once the cost problem solved, aluminum alloy may become the main structure of automobile materials. The development of stamping technology is closely related to the materials and structures. In the next 10 - 15 years, environmental requirements and the increasingly stringent environmental laws, great changes will lead to car material and structure. City in order to reduce co2 emissions, auto lightweight, the most prominent than the material of development direction is to improve the strength and stiffness than and effective development of lightweight structures. Modern body structure, high strength steel accounts for about 25%. Stamping performance research and improvement is in full accord with the development of stamping parts processing technology. The rapid development of automobile, aircraft and other industrial and energy factors are the main driver of stamping technology development. Entering the new century, environmental factors and the related law is increasingly prominent, automotive lightweighting design and manufacture of become the important topic. Forming process of the development of the digital simulation technology, and promote the traditional stamping technology to the scientific, into the ranks of advanced manufacturing technology. A: metal stamping mold of the books
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