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The development of metal stamping processing industry.


The development of metal stamping parts enterprises has encountered a lot of resistance, and is now in a period of severe challenges, especially now that it has been affected by the Covid-19. If you want to continue to seek development, you need to take certain measures and actions. So what are the problems facing the metal stamping processing industry?

1. Labor costs continue to rise.

Now the older generation of metal stamping parts processing industry has retired at home, and young people have no reason to engage in the hard and boring work of stamping

Most metal stamping parts processing factories in China are labor-intensive. There is a large demand for manufacturing workers and they cannot recruit people. Of course, wages will rise. In addition, prices have risen in recent years. If wages do not increase, they will not be able to recruit people.

2. Vicious competition among peers.

The threshold of the metal stamping parts processing industry is relatively low, resulting in a mixture of fish and dragons in the entire industry, and vicious competition inevitably occurs. Prices are constantly being driven down, and profit margins are already very thin.

3. Prices and housing prices continue to rise.

The price of raw materials and equipment required for the processing of metal stamping parts is also rising, which makes the pressure on the stamping factory continue to increase. The main reason is the increase in workshop costs.

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