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The development of new stamping process digital forming technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Advanced forming technology is on the basis of the traditional forming technology, with the computer as the backbone, comprehensive utilization of information, electronics, materials, energy, environmental engineering, etc all kinds of high and new technology and modern management technology, to achieve product whole life period, a comprehensive optimization of stamping technology is, the greater the degree to achieve 'essence, provincial, net, obtain high comprehensive benefit of forming technology. Development of advanced forming technology is the key to: develop the stamping process analysis of the computer simulation technology, CAE) 。 Computer aided simulation process analysis ( CAE) For metal forming is the latter half of the 20th century, one of the most significant advances in technology, its core is the finite element analysis technology. Based on the finite element method (fem) of stamping process or numerical simulation technology, the computer simulation technology in stamping die design and stamping process design and new ways to optimize the technological parameters for the science, would be to solve complex stamping process design and die design of the most effective means. Pace of the application of large foreign enterprises very quickly, and one of the leading enterprises in auto industry, has been gradually mature, used for mould design and test of the time reduced by more than 50%. GM in the world leading position in the United States. The development trend of numerical simulation technology can be summarized as follows: ( 1) To further improve the accuracy of simulation calculation and speed. The key breakthrough springback accurately predict; Development rapid finite element simulation technology, the realization of 'the project', even '2 hours engineering; At the same time strengthening the basic research and solve the basic problems such as complex deformation path. ( 2) Reduce the software requirements for personnel professional quality. Software is so powerful that the market at present is mainly to analysts, bought advanced software system, can not get a good simulation results. Geared to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote more difficult. ( 3) Reduce the requirement of software for hardware platform. At present, almost famous stamping simulation software has been completed to the computer version of the conversion. ( 4) Study of initial design training. Initialize the design links ( The initial scheme) , as the basis of the starting point of calculation analysis and modify, still needs to be done by experienced personnel. Urgent need to develop the knowledge base project ( KBE) Expert system ( ES) , artificial intelligence technology ( AI) Combined with the finite element simulation software, the realization of intelligent initial work, reduce the dependence on technology experts. ( 5) Strengthen basic test. The constitutive relation of material properties, friction condition, defect criteria, such as data from tests, its authenticity, accuracy is one of the important factors limiting simulation to achieve reliable precision. ( 6) Further expand to the stamping products manufacturing system, realize the whole process, the whole life period of comprehensive optimization. At present, the forming process analysis, still into 'shape' problem. In the future, will change to 'sex' development, realize the deformation mode, after the forming process and forming performance of comprehensive optimization. ( 7) Popularization of CAE technology is imperative. After 5 - CAD technology 10 years vigorously popularize, basically settled the problem of manual drawing. In the next 5 - 10 years, the popularity of CAE technology is imperative. More than 70 small and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises, a very large, stamping, die enterprise mission is very high and new technology to improve traditional technology, combined with the industrial adjustment, overall planning, need to be on the agenda. Has punch press imported from ( Taiwan and Japan) Equipment, and get the TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14000 management system certification, welcome various industries have electronic stamping demand customer calls for enquiry.
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