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The development of new stamping process of advanced forming technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
The development of stamping technology is closely related to the materials and structures. In the next 10 - 15 years, environmental requirements and the increasingly stringent environmental laws, great changes will lead to car material and structure. City in order to reduce CO2 emissions, auto lightweight, the most prominent than the material of development direction is to improve the strength and stiffness than and effective development of lightweight structures. Modern body structure, high strength steel accounts for about 25%. In the continue development of ultra-high strength steel at the same time, combining with the development of new 'efficient structure and manufacturing technology, to reduce the weight of more than 20%. But the more interesting direction is to expand low density such as aluminum and magnesium alloy materials application in the car. Europe and the United States are developing future household car aluminum body, can make the 40 - reduction in weight 50%, money is only a third of the average current car. The main problem is to develop low-cost aluminum alloy, the development of new structure and high efficient manufacturing methods, and improving recovery technology. Once the cost problem solved, aluminum alloy may become the main structure of automobile materials. Since 1991, the production of magnesium doubles every five years, is a very promising future material, after 2003 years the application of magnesium is expected to have obvious rise, including large external parts. Composite board materials in automobile, aircraft, medicine, food, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc, also have a broad application prospect. In addition for bake-hardening sheet, such as surface plate of modified materials. In the 80 s, the study of galvanized sheet stamping technologies from Europe and America; In the 90 s, the key research of laser tailor-welded sheet stamping and all kinds of extruded tube billet profile precision forming technology. The dosage of the aluminum frame parts are also growing. Structure integration is an important development trend, not only for planes, cars will also expand the application in the future. With the expanding application of new materials and new structure, the urgent need to develop the corresponding low cost stamping technology. Current research focus on: aluminum alloy parts of car body stamping technology such as covering parts. Abroad for practical technology and die design of the data. ( 1) A variety of laser tailor-welded slab thickness stamping technology. ( 2) Squeeze the tube billet internal high-pressure forming technology. ( 3) Forming technology of compound sheet, etc. For aircraft industry, titanium alloy, aluminium lithium alloy complex shape parts and pieces of aluminum alloy special forming technology is the current research focus. As a liquid directly or indirectly as the mould or sensing should be medium of various hydraulic forming technology, belong to the mould forming or forming soft mode, there are a lot of advantages, For nearly 60 years old) , it is the main producing methods of aircraft sheet metal parts. In recent years are the source of high pressure and high pressure seal problem solving, the rapidly development of important application in automobile industry. Hydroforming including hydraulic hydraulic stretch forming, and in the high pressure liquid deep drawing tube forming. Hydraulic rubber forming, from the traditional application of aviation industry expanded to complex internal and external shape of panel of car, in the 100 - Under the pressure of 140 mpa, forming quality is very good, suitable for trial production and small batch production. Emerging of internal high pressure forming technology is practical, industrialization, production engine, exhaust pipe, the camshaft and framework of the support, etc. , achieved good efficiency and benefit is expected to hydroforming, tailor-welded blank stamping and laser welding assembly will be the three key technologies for the future automotive lightweighting. Moreover viscous medium pressure forming, magnetic pulse shaping, and all kinds of die forming technology research also has a great progress, showing more and more flexible process. Has punch press imported from ( Taiwan and Japan) Stamping equipment: shrapnel terminal high precision grade ( Punching accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1毫米) And faster, SPM1500) 。 And through TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14000 management system certification, can endure large companies rigorous on-site audit review.
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