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The development situation of metal stamping mold industry in recent years

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Dongguan is a kind of automatic lathe automatic lathe controlled by CAM. Imported from Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan in mainland China market is only several decades, from the first few hundred units, in the market, the tortuous, to now hundreds of thousands of units, has gradually integrated into the mechanical processing industry. Metal stamping die is an essential part of stamping production technology and equipment, is a technology-intensive products. Stamping parts quality, production efficiency and production cost, etc. , and mold design and manufacturing has a direct relationship. At present, the size of mould and die industry in our country in the world's highest, but most of the focus in the field of the medium, low technical level and added value. According to data provided by the China mold and die industry association, China's manufacturing industry in urgent need of precision and complex metal stamping die and plastic mould, car covering mould, electronic connectors and other electronic products, mould, etc. , are still a large number of imports, import and export of the mold deficit of more than 1 billion dollars. In the modern manufacturing industry under the premise of rapid development, China become a great nation of mould manufacturing, and domestic mould industry get rapid development, mould industry in China is not only large, and the grade is becoming more and more rich. According to introducing, at present, large, precision, complex, long-life mold represented the high level of mold ratio reached 35%. With the rapid development of automobile industry, service in auto production of mould also rapid development in recent years. There are various kinds of service in auto production of mould metal stamping die and plastic mould is the largest amount of two kinds big. In the automotive industry is very developed countries, service for auto mould tend to account for more than 40% of its full mold production. After years of development, China's current service for auto mould about has accounted for about a third of the whole mold production. In this account for up to about a third of all moulds in auto mould, metal stamping mold to account for around half, thus auto metal stamping mold in the mold industry and the important position of auto industry. Especially in automotive covering parts mold, directly related to car models, so its position is particularly important. Automotive stamping mould is the main part in the metal stamping mold, about to account for more than 40%. With the growth development of automobile industry in recent years, as well as the model modified acceleration stimulation and so on factors, into the car in the field of metal stamping die mold enterprises and products than in previous years has greatly increased. Car companies are also put forward higher requirements about the quality of the mold, the mold enterprise to improve, constantly improve the level. At the same time, due to the mold export growth, in large part on the mould level. These are prompted metal stamping mold the competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, metal stamping mold enterprises also very pay attention to information management to improve international competitiveness and expand sales channels. ) network example, there are more than 200 metal stamping mold companies choose cooperate with network of), through this platform to develop domestic and foreign buyers. A: on the characteristics of stamping parts overview
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