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The development status of automobile stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
1) The development of Chinese auto parts stamping industry almost totally dependent on the domestic market, is ultimately depend on the expansion of the total automobile market in China. Due to the operation of the auto market in recent years has been in a relatively low, making auto parts stamping industry struggling, facing great pressure to the survival and development. ( 2) Auto parts stamping industry in our country the most companies do not have independent development, self innovation ability. Along with the pace of a vehicle replacement, as well as the pollution standards and regulations, market require marketable auto parts stamping parts varieties, improving product technology content. However, most companies can not adapt to the change of market demand, have a plenty of unable to adjust the products, to adjust the slow response. Investigate its reason, in addition to lag factors of the enterprise restructuring, over the years, the lack of innovation ability is always a cross between the enterprise and the market is not the problem of crack. ( 3) Dependency. Throughout the auto parts stamping industry in our country, the listed on the Shanghai and shenzhen two city auto parts companies have 16, these enterprises in the domestic parts industry belongs to the strong enterprise competition ability, but because our country attaches great importance to the construction of the vehicle production for a long time, spare parts production and construction is relatively backward, even this 16 relative strength strong enterprise its average size also small, often rely on large enterprise groups to survive. Such as changchun labino, production car bumper, mainly for the faw group supporting; The east wind all, the production of automobile instrument, mainly for second automobile group. ( 4) Our auto parts stamping parts enterprises, mostly small and medium enterprises as well as other small and medium-sized enterprises in China, its development is restricted by many environmental factors. A: on the development history of plastic wood stainless steel card buckle
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