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The development status of metal processing enterprises

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Metal processing before a few years, China's hardware industry overall level is not high, small and medium-sized enterprises is more, start low, for some small workshops; In recent years, change is bigger, it is the improvement of personnel quality, such as the current Beijing will build the country's most DaWuJin market 'China hardware city', the head of the Dr, postdoctoral; Secondly, the process and the improvement of management level, like the Great Wall seiko factory, in the process, the management has a quite high level. The current domestic production craft level is uneven, the overseas many big players put China as their products processing base, there are a number of international companies to enter the mainland market. At present stage of China's hardware products upgrading, transition period of from low-end to high-end products. It is good for the development of China's hardware industry, products abroad, in the process of production to the transfer of domestic will inevitably bring some abroad, including raw materials, advanced production technology and management mode brought together. A: on the horn hardware Jiang Cheng preferred city hardware products factory
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