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The development trend of new stamping technology -

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Traditional stamping technology mainly die and process design problem, with copper and copper alloy, steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy as the main material. With the development of the automotive, aerospace and other industrial, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, composite material, and a lot of new materials such as high strength aluminum alloy gets more and more applications. Materials science and plastic mechanics led to the development of stamping technology advances, the development of computer technology and control technology, also make possible the past hard to achieve process. Technology, materials, control integration requires by physical testing, simulation and numerical simulation optimization matching of master materials and process, and according to the specific technical requirements to realize process control or online measurement and control, here we introduce the new trend of the development of stamping technology: one, the material performance of quantitative control ( 1) Physical simulation technology is the essential means to master the material performance to obtain quantitative rule, early physical simulation technology is to use some material and forming performance of similar materials and testing methods, simulation is mainly used to solve the problem of technology feasibility. ( 2) Some test equipment to test the material performance provides a wider range of possibilities. Can be carried out such as compression, torsion test, simulate all kinds of different temperature, different friction conditions and deformation velocity under the condition of deformation processing, of all material available performance data. ( 3) And according to these data to obtain material forming limit and the constitutive relation of quantitative expression, make the material to plastic deformation process of calculation or simulation more accurate, reliable and quantitative control provides the material foundation for the construction of stamping processing. Second, the stamping production intelligent control technology ( 1) Stamping production intelligent control technology is a field of developing quickly. It on the basis of the material, process integration, process database on the basis of existing materials and realize the stamping process of on-line control and intelligent control. ( 2) On the material or process parameters established on-line detection system, when the material performance or process parameters change or fluctuate, by the online automatic detection system to determine the related parameters of instantaneous value, and through the computer simulation analysis and optimization software to determine the parameters after the best process parameter combination. ( 3) After adjusting process parameters, automatic control system can realize the adaptive control of stamping process. New production data accumulated gradually, can further be the process optimization of subsequent processing base. Three, scientific production technology is a variety of fields coupling control ( 1) Complex parts stamping field quantity control requirement of stamping process parameters, and some material requirements for gradient distribution, this is the plastic mechanics principle and material performance needs; Temperature field, deformation velocity, friction lubrication field, the material flow trend, material deformation sequence and path, etc. ( 2) These fields are not constant is the process variable, so the heating cooling measures, lubrication methods and lubricant, mould structure, blank holder method, draw bead and the way of loading are important measures to control fields. ( 3) Temperature control can be realized rate-of-rise stamping, friction gradient field is also important means to control the deformation of stamping. Friction can provide stamping deformation of material flow with a certain resistance, general requirements to minimize friction, but sometimes the friction also helps to improve the materials forming limit. ( 4) Through the mould structure, radius, blank holder method, die clearance, draw bead and die block control the stress of billet, further change trend of billet internal stress state, the material flow and material yield sequence, material deformation sequence and strain history. Four, the development of the new stamping oil formula ( 1) Silicon steel plate is relatively easy to die cutting materials, general to workpiece finished product easy to clean, on the premise of preventing the cutting burr can choose stamping oil of low viscosity. In addition, the processing of silicon steel plate stamping oil rust resistance and corrosion resistance to meet the requirements of, can avoid artifacts rust, protect the operating environment, produce the problem such as excitant gas. ( 2) Carbon steel plate when choosing stamping oil first, it should be noted that tensile oil viscosity. According to the difficulty of processing and oil the tensile method and skim conditions to determine the better viscosity. Secondly must consider make easy forming of oily, prevent card bit extreme pressure, antirust, degreasing and does not produce poisonous gas during welding. ( 3) Because of galvanized steel sheet and chlorine additive can produce chemical reaction, so should be paid attention to when choosing stamping oil type chlorine stamping oil white rust problem can occur, and using yida bohai embellish type sulfur stamping oil can avoid rust problem, but after stamping processing should be skimmed as early as possible. ( 4) Copper aluminum alloy plate containing oily agents can be selected when choosing stamping oil, stamping oil, with good sex of sliding avoid adding stamping oil containing chlorine type, or corrode copper alloy stamping oil, make its surface. ( 5) Stainless steel is easy to produce work hardening material, requires the use of the oil film with high intensity, good sintering resistance tensile oil. Generally use stamping oil, containing sulfur chloride compound additive on the performance of extreme pressure processing at the same time, avoid artifacts appear problems such as burrs and rupture. Above is the trend of the development of stamping technology, through the continuous improvement process can greatly improve the product market competitiveness. Inheritance Taiwan seiko the pursuit of quality, not only break stamping industry technical difficulties, and form a standard, guarantee the stability of the product. Treat customers is a cooperation, lifelong friend. Professional processing and production of mobile phone shell, precision terminals, precision stamping parts, because professional so more focus.
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