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The development trend of stamping technology - precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Into the 90 s, full of new and high technology to promote the transformation of traditional forming technology and the formation and development of advanced forming technology. Stamping technology of the 21st century will continue to develop faster, the direction of the development will be more prominent 'essence, provincial, net' demand. ( 1) Stamping technology will be more scientific, digital and controllable. Scientific mainly reflected in the forming process, product quality, cost, efficiency and controllable degree of prediction. Forming process of the numerical simulation technology in the practical application has achieved great development, and well integrated with digital manufacturing system. Artificial intelligence technology, intelligent control will develop from simple shape parts forming to cover parts of complex shape parts, such as forming, and really into the practical phase. ( 2) Pay attention to product manufacturing process, to achieve more comprehensive global optimization. Optimization will link to the product manufacturing process from the traditional single forming and the system as a whole development of the whole life period. ( 3) Of product manufacturability and forming process of the development of rapid analysis and evaluation of power will be great. So that from the initial product design idea, even can be in the light of the formability of parts and the required performance guarantee degree, make rapid analysis evaluation. ( 4) Stamping technology will have more flexibility or flexible, to adapt to the future pinky and more varieties of mixed flow production mode and the development trend of market diversification and personalized needs, to strengthen market changes of rapid response ability. ( 5) Attach importance to the development of compound forming technology. Based on the complex process of advanced forming technology is not only from manufacturing to develop in the direction of manufacturing parts directly, the blank is also from manufacturing to build the structure of the whole individual parts. Field of sheet metal processing in our country must strengthen the joint strength, strengthen the comprehensive and integrated technology, accelerate the process of traditional technology from experience to scientific transformation. Speed up personnel training, promote technology innovation ability, improve the overall quality of the contingent of stamping technology and the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Dongguan precision stamping electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional company, has 30 years experience in stamping, is good at high precision metal stamping parts. Difficult complex hardware technology to overcome and reduce the cost of mass production and stable hardware manufacturing has been one of the leading enterprises in the domestic. Committed to become the world's most professional electronic stamping supplier. To help clients improve competitiveness as our duty!
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