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The effect of metal electroplater and useless

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Simple said is to metal plating ( Non-metallic) Material put on a layer of beautiful metal jacket, put on beautiful clothes. So when plating before the need for metal processing, metal surface to remove the stains, rust, oxidation and oil, and activated by plating substrate surface. The clean metal surface treatment, metal between the coating and the more good binding force, make its have good the fanciful and the functional one. After plating, can daub plating rust-proof oil. Galvanizer thing why use anti-rust oil, electroplater is what are the benefits of using rust-preventative oil. 1, electroplater use anti-rust oil is the purpose of increasing antirust time, increase the resistance to salt fog test standard. 2, electroplater use anti-rust oil reason is that in order to save costs. 3, electroplater use anti-rust oil and can increase the benefits of galvanizer wet and heat resistance. So plating rust-proof oil must have a strong ability to rust resistance to salt fog, nonflammable, anti-corrosion, its environmental non-toxic, can in the metal ( After plating workpiece is better) The density of surface form a protective film.
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