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The field management of automotive wiring harness terminal production workshop

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
A good wiring terminal manufacturer, there must be a strict production process, at the same time also need to have a well-managed work environment. Below the precision of the workshop is how to manage. A, the ground clean, Including the machine under) The rubbish into the bin. Two compartments without oil, near the machine, and sound insulation, such as oil leakage, upward response in a timely manner. Third, control cabinet operation table without dust and debris. Fourth, punch during normal operation, the fuselage without any impurities. Five, the receiving machine can only be put rivets, rubber machine, electrical glue, paper and when plate samples. Six, the receiving machine without splint can temporarily put on the desk below the foot. Seven, paper plates, moderate viscosity in the designated location. Eight, copper fixed-point neat, the above is not allowed to have sundry. After nine, tool use timely return to the tools on the shelf ( When the succession inventory) 。 Ten, oil pot, to sewage, screw, clamp block, gloves, placed in the corresponding box. Eleven, automotive wiring harness terminal placed neatly, bad product made timely identification to the region to be processed. Twelve, stop and change line, no production of copper material and product logo warehouse in time. 13, need not the electric pneumatic components turned over to the engineer, unified management. After 14, production report, fill in and tag together neatly placed on the desk top right corner. 15, before coming off work to deal with their waste and area of health. If there are any abnormal, anyone have an obligation to rectify, should timely report to supervisor when unable to correct. In accordance with the wiring terminal production workshop site management principle, the height of the company received numerous renowned domestic and foreign customers. If you have the connector class electronic products need to production, then what are you waiting for, come to us quickly!
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