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The function and application of wiring terminal

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
The function and application of automotive wiring harness terminal wiring terminal terminal | car | car self-locking terminal 2016 is our country automobile industry recovery, as the central policy issued, and after 8090 groups gradually gain a foothold in society, the young generation to the room is not big, but more is to want to have belongs to own a car, car safety performance will make more consideration, the younger generation and wiring terminal, as the current of whole car in all kinds of electronic wire and signal transmission joint, the requirement is very high. If wiring harness is human body nerves, automotive wiring harness terminal is the focal point of every nerve fibres. Car a good harness terminal interface is indispensable for normal operation of the circuit, the following is according to the characteristics of wiring terminal and the requirements to make a detailed introduction of practical application. ( Contains specific parts of automotive wiring harness terminals, some important parameters in the stamping, type, shape, etc. ) 1. Automotive wiring harness self-locking lock will typically have three parts of the terminal, is, back and sides, the specific role was locked car since terminals fixed inside a plastic sleeve, prevent the wire terminals as objective factors lead to fall off. 2. Wire lock core area of the terminal contact with wiring harness wire, electric current and the transmission signal passes through this area, and transmitted between the wiring terminals and wiring harness, show on the electrical appliances. This is the whole car circuit operation process and guarantee the performance of running one of the main mechanical function area. 3. The insulation of the wiring harness pressure welding and terminal contact areas, there are two different functions: one is that is used to keep wire at the end of the wire insulation area shrinking plastic set of copper exposed to air, under the condition of high voltage particularly prone to leakage, short-circuit characteristics such as burning; Secondly, wire tail after the car terminal pressure to a certain extent, control the degree of oscillating between wire and bus terminal. Reduce the swing may lead to fracture or fall off. About the wiring terminal, to introduce the function of each part about. 4. Wiring terminal has a fixed guide rail ( Figure below ShunShu second location) , when the wire terminals into plastic case as a guide, can hold the harness after loading terminal position, this wire terminals is not rotating or twisting in the case, can ensure maximum extent male female terminals, cases, and the stability of the wire terminals matching, a short circuit will not occur. 5. Wiring terminals in stamping process, to ensure that mold can put the wire terminals and waste separation, will be cut off a strip. 6. The wire and wire crimping reserve in line core is not in the process of crushed after injury.
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