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The future of metal stamping parts processing industry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Metal stamping parts processing the road to the future of the industry, based on the current development situation of stamping parts processing industry, we put forward to the future development of strategy at 8 o 'clock. ( 1) Electronic technology from design to commerce, e-commerce has brought the buyer of the auction, increased the difficulty of competition. ( 2) To participate in market competition of enterprise, specialized production must develop products. ( 3) The design of the stamping parts factory will participate in the same host, functional availability. ( 4) Talent is the focus of the enterprise competition, personnel continuing education and network education is more and more important daily. ( 5) Stamping the batch and the cost of increasingly sharp contradictions. Global production platform will enter the stamping industry. ( 6) Supplier - Stamping factory, stamping factory - Cooperation between users more and more important, in the whole industry, stamping and forging is a weak industry, only unity can adapt to change. ( 7) Stamping industry investment will be bigger and bigger, and updates will be faster and faster. ( 8) Press the key in the mold, the development of stamping die is very important. A: simple introduction of plastic wood stainless steel materials
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