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The hazard of the eccentric load of the press used in the processing of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
In all areas where stamping products have become popular, the presses used in stamping processing must be regularly maintained and maintained. When the press is subjected to eccentric loads, there will be certain hazards. Stamping manufacturers will take you to take a look; When the press is subjected to an eccentric load, the local weak bending of the press will increase, and the height of the part where the press is larger will change relatively greatly, which will cause the slider to tilt relative to the work surface. The angle makes the gap between the punch and the die uneven, and produces horizontal side pressure, which will aggravate the wear and even break of the punch. Generally, the open body responds more obviously to the eccentric load, and its angular deformation is very harmful to the mold; when the eccentric load of the closed body press occurs, it will aggravate the wear of the mold guide device and reduce the life of the mold; When an eccentric load is applied on a closed press with higher precision, the response is that it will damage the die while not aggravating the slide guide; thus affecting the accuracy and life of the stamping press. Article recommendation: Why is the punch of the stamping part easy to break? Previous post: Why is the punch of the stamping part easy to break?
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