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The importance of die technical appraisal and its main method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is specialized in precision stamping processing and manufacturing enterprises, the main production and processing: stainless steel shrapnel, beryllium copper strip, hardware terminal, stretching pieces, small precision metal components such as good at high precision stamping stable mass production. Cold die in use process, because of die parts wear and tear, unreasonable die manufacturing process, die improper use or installed on the machine tool and equipment failure and other reasons, will lose the main die parts, the use of the original performance and accuracy. Die technology condition is getting worse, affect the production and efficiency and the quality of the products. So, in die management, we must actively to master these techniques of progressive die change of state, and dealt with carefully in order to make the die can work has always been in good technical condition. So die technology status identification is necessary. Performance inspection of progressive die die in the process of use or after use, dealing with the performance of the die and the working condition. The detailed inspection, check the main methods are as follows: ( 1) Die work of formed parts inspection in die work or after work, combined with the quality of the parts, inspection on the convex and concave die, namely, convex and concave die if there is a crack, damage and serious wear and tear, intensive interval is uniform and its appropriate size, edge is sharp, Die) And so on. Such as when found burr blanking pieces. Certain convex and concave die blade dull and uneven clearance, must make the necessary modification and processing at this time. ( 2) Guide the inspection check guide guide pin, guide sleeve, and if there is a serious wear and tear, guide the fit clearance is too large, loose whether installed on the template. ( 3) Discharge of a coffret check check die push and discharging coffret action is sensitive and reliable, top have a rod bent, broken, discharge of rubber and the size of the spring force, work is smooth, any serious wear and deformation. ( 4) Positioning with the coffret check-up location coffret installed whether reliable, dowel pin and positioning plate with and without loose and serious wear and tear. Such as combining parts inspection, if the products appearance and hole quality unsatisfactory, and change is the location of a coffret is out of order, should be strict inspection. ( 5) Safety check in some coffret of punching die, to give dean to be safe and reliable, are usually equipped with safety protection coffret, facilities such as protective plate. Check should focus on when check the reliability of its use, whether action is sensitive and safe. ( 6) Automatic system of checks in some automatic punching, automatic check system ( Such as multitasking manipulator) The parts are damaged, whether action coordination, is it possible to make normal feeding and automatic material return.
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