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The importance of fixtures in the field of precision cnc machining


1. Expand the scope of CNC lathes and turning and milling machines to achieve “one machine for multiple use”. In the machine tool equipped with the appropriate conversion of other tool holders, it is possible to perform similar machining operations to expand the range of machining, such as lathes, rocker drills, CNC lathe table boring, lathes and drilling machines that can be used when drilling machines.
2. Reduce the technical requirements of workers and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Due to the use of a mechanical tool, the technical level and route limitations of the workers are avoided, and the quality of the scribing precision components is affected. Workers can only work when the workpiece is in the fixture fixture, which guarantees the quality of the product and reduces the labor intensity of the worker.
3. Improve labor productivity and reduce processing costs. The tool used, the installation time is short, no need to find it, time stamping, some fixtures can also improve the rigidity of the workpiece, which is beneficial to increase the cutting amount and reduce the movement time. If the workpiece clamping and pneumatics are further utilized, the hydraulic quick linkage clamping device can Further reduce auxiliary time and increase labor productivity.
4. Parts with guaranteed machining accuracy and stable quality. The workpiece is inevitably subjected to cutting forces during the cutting process. With the clamp, the workpiece is destroyed by the cutting force at the correct position relative to the machine tool. Machining accuracy, when the workpiece is mounted to the fixture on the fixture, this constant position is not subject to subjective factors. As in the special fixture eccentric manual marking, the eccentricity accuracy of turning is many.

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