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- the importance of mold maintenance Online answer for you

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
- the importance of mold maintenance Answers online for you to ask: mold mold core combined friction for many times, how to do? Answer: the mold core positioning hole due to the mold core is the combination of the frequent wear and tear, caused after assembly gap is big, Loose after assembly produce) Or uneven clearance ( Positioning deviation) After, all will cause the cutting cross section shape, punch is easily broken, produce burr, etc. , can be through the hedge cutting section status after inspection, make the appropriate clearance adjustment. Q: how to adjust the clearance? Fewer hours, answer: clearance section, section more and larger burrs, for large gap to shift the way to obtain the reasonable clearance. After adjust, should make appropriate records, can also be marked at the edge of the concave die, etc. , so that the follow-up work. Q; The original mould material with the use of? A: save the original collection should be paid attention to the daily production mold better conditions of material, such as follow-up production not smooth or variation of die, which can be taken as reference to the mold maintenance. Q: the precision of guide pieces of wear and damage, what causes the result? A: guide pieces of wear and precision of the damage, reduce the precision of the mould, the mould parts will appear problem, must make appropriate maintenance and periodic replacement. If a check to the precision of the guide materials and guide nail is wear and tear, have lost just strip guide is precision and function of must be replaced. Q: stripping spring and the status of the lifter spring is important? A: check of the condition of the stripper springs and lifter spring, look to whether fracture or use for a long time, though not fracture, but has lost the original fatigue strength, make regular maintenance must be replaced, otherwise, will cause harm to the mold or production is not smooth. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , with exquisite manufacturing technology, perfect quality assurance, uphold the pragmatic, innovation, save, save to the idea, to help improve customer product competitiveness, and the pursuit of excellence, excellence, in order to achieve sustained operating profit sharing to give back to society, the goal of protecting the environment, is a company specializing in the production of metal stamping parts manufacturer, welcome your consultation and order.
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