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The importance of stamping parts production material and process improvement

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts processing and production of high efficiency and convenient operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, this is all because of stamping on punching and stamping equipment to complete the processing of ordinary press stroke times per minute can reach dozens of times, high pressure to can reach more than hundreds of times or even one thousand times per minute, and every time stamping stroke might get a shock. In stamping process, the workpiece surface appearance only contact with the liquid pressure, pressure process is smooth, so the stamping forming uniform change, symmetrical pressure distribution can be obtained, and can be winner better smooth outer surface; Key can shorten processing time, the realization of mass production. Before the production of stamping parts, of course, need the material to conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection, to ensure the production conditions are met, in order to avoid problems continue to artifacts. Based on past experience, stamping material choice should take the thickness, size, brand and so on. Only choose the reasonable plate, can be processed into high-quality stamping parts. When choosing stamping parts processing factory, pay attention to the design of the stamping parts, must be in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures for examination and approval of drawings, to comply with relevant and industry standards; The precision of stamping parts; And the requirement of stamping parts and mold technology, mould will according to the examination and approval of the drawings, so as to improve product quality, and increase the service life of the mold. Considering the importance and particularity of stamping parts, either production or storage of it is important to ensure that the function integrity, so the good way is to place it in a sealed box, or in the relatively closed space, so that fewer people, and the influence of factors to avoid products are fully guaranteed. Compared with other artifacts, stamping parts with light weight, thin thickness, good stiffness properties, it is by the mold to ensure the dimensional tolerance of, so the quality is stable, generally do not need then through mechanical cutting can be used. In addition to the use of traditional press and steel mould manufacturing stamping parts, hydraulic forming and spinning forming, molding, explosive forming, electric water forming and electromagnetic forming and other special stamping forming technology is developing rapidly, the stamping technology to a new height.
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