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The important items of the stamping die mould

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
1 important items of the stamping die mould. All outside of stamping die guide pin specifications should be set above Φ 38, ( Guide sleeve to adopt terraced) 2. The guide posts on the template, fixed pin to prevent stay set; More than 400 * 400 stamping die fixed pin to use Φ 12, regardless of the template which guide pin specifications must be set in Φ 20 more than 3. To adopt the stripping material SKD11 material, thickness of 25 mm; 4. All the lower die plate hanging mode of screw must adopt M20; 5. Lower die plate width than template unilateral 40 ~ 50 mm, up and down for frame mode; 6. When the template is above 300, lower die plate thickness requirements in ( 50 - 60) MM; The template under 300, lower die plate thickness of 45 mm; 7. Lower die plate should be according to actual needs, based on processing the T slot size using the machine by a u-shaped groove; 8. All the mold screw to use the metric system; 9. Stop to insert stamping die plate within 10. 0 mm deep, the width of the block is to achieve 30 to 35 mm, fixed pin location, and install Φ 12 block is lateral to reinforcing piece, screw to triangle diagonal row, forbidden line configuration; 10. All press block, block, block and so on do not allow the gasket,
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