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The Influence of Layout Design on Metal Stamping Parts in Progressive Die Stamping Process

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plant, processing stainless steel stamping parts, metal stamping parts, mechanical parts, when applying progressive dies to stamping parts processing, layout design is very important, it should not only consider the utilization of materials, but also the accuracy of metal stamping parts Requirements, stamping rules, mold structure and mold strength. ① For hardware stamping parts that require high precision, in addition to adopting precise positioning methods, the number of stations should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the accumulated errors of the stations; the holes with smaller tolerances should be punched out in the same step as much as possible. ② If the parts are large or the parts are small but there are many stations, the number of stations should be reduced as much as possible, and the continuous compound layout method can be used to reduce the outline size of the mold. ③For stamping parts with small hole spacing, the holes should be punched out step by step, and if the wall thickness of the die between the stations is small, empty steps should be added; punching parts with complex shapes should be punched out step by step to simplify the shape of the convex and concave molds. Enhance its strength to facilitate processing and assembly. The position of the side edge should try to avoid damage to the edge of the convex and concave molds. The distance between the side edge and the edge of the blanking die is increased by 0.2~0.4mm to avoid the convexity of the blanking. , The concave die cuts the very small width of the end of the strip. ④The requirements of part forming law for layout. For parts that require forming processes such as bending, deep drawing, and flanging, when a progressive die is used for stamping, the holes on the deformed part of the forming process should generally be arranged to be punched out after the forming step, and the blanking or cutting step should generally be arranged in At the last station. Progressive dies with all blanking steps, generally punching and then blanking or cutting. The first punched hole can be used as the positioning hole for the subsequent station. If the hole is not suitable for positioning or requires high positioning accuracy, the auxiliary positioning process hole (guide pin hole) should be punched out, and the nesting stage is punched When, punching is carried out in order from the inside to the outside; the article recommends: some problems encountered in the processing of U-shaped stamping parts are introduced. Previous: What are the characteristics of the change in the bending deformation area of u200bu200bthe stamping parts?
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