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The influence of metal stamping materials on the stamping process

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
There are three main metal stamping processes in stamping parts processing plants; punching, bending, deep drawing, and different processes have different requirements for metal stamping parts; 1. The influence of metal stamping parts materials on the blanking process. It has sufficient plasticity to ensure that the sheet does not crack during punching. After soft material is punched, parts with smooth section and small inclination can be obtained. Hard metal stamping materials have large section irregularities after punching, and thick plates are brittle materials. , It is easy to produce tearing phenomenon after punching; 2. The influence of metal stamping materials on bending processing; the plates that need to be bent should have sufficient plasticity and a lower yield limit; the plates with high shaping should be bent during bending. It is not easy to crack; the sheet material with lower yield limit and lower modulus of elasticity has small springback deformation after bending, and it is easy to obtain the bending shape of accurate size; the metal stamping material with larger brittleness must have a larger relative value when bending The bending radius, otherwise it is prone to cracking during the bending process; 3. The influence of metal stamping materials on the drawing process; the drawing process of the sheet metal not only requires the drawing depth to be as small as possible, the shape is as simple as possible, and the smooth transition is also required. Good plasticity, otherwise it is easy to cause overall distortion, partial wrinkles, and even stretched parts of the parts; recommended article: stamping parts processing plant to talk about the types of micro-cutting fluid processing Previous: Why design and check stamping Checking fixture for pieces?
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