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The influence of stamping die structure for security

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping die is the main process equipment, stamping processing of stamping parts is depends on the relative motion of upper and lower die to complete. Process due to the constant between upper and lower mould, if the operator's fingers to enter or stay in the mold closed area constantly, it can bring about serious threat to their personal safety. So we need to know the main parts of stamping die, function and safety requirements: 1, intensive work parts is make blank forming parts directly, therefore, it is the key to the stamping mold parts. Intensive not only precise and complex, it should meet the following requirements: ( 1) ( 2) Proper requirements to its material and heat treatment to prevent the high hardness and brittleness. 2, the positioning parts positioning parts is to determine the installation position of ware parts, a positioning pin ( Board) , blocking pin ( Board) , guide pin, guide plate, distance side knife, side pressure and etc. Design positioning parts should be considered when convenient operation, should not have been positioning, position to facilitate observation, had better use top presumption and the orientation of outer profile and guide pin, etc. 3, pressure, discharge pressure and discharging parts material parts have pressure to coil, pressure plate, etc. Circle of drawing blank pressurized pressure side force, thus preventing blank in tangential stress arch under the action of a form wrinkles. The role of the pressure plate is to prevent the stock movement and jumping. Ejection device, the role of the stripper plate is easy to out and clean up waste. Them by the springs, rubber and air cushion on the push rod support equipment, can be up and down, out a design should have enough cap, sport should be limited. Stripper plate should as far as possible to reduce the closed area or in the operating position on milling groove empty-handed. Around the stripper plate of exposure should be equipped with protective plate, prevent into or foreign body into the finger, the exposed surface edges should be blunt. 4 parts guide pin, guide and guide bush is the most widely used a guide parts. Its role is to ensure that intensive on the punching precision fit clearance. Therefore, guide pin, guide sleeve, small clearance should be made the cutting clearance. Under the guide pin in mold base, to ensure that in stroke bottom dead center, the guide pillar on end at the top of the template above at least 5 to 10 mm. Guide post should be arranged in away from the module and the part of the pressure plate, make the operator's arm without over the guide pin to send material. 5, supporting and clamping parts it includes templates, up and down mould shank, intensive fixed plate, plate, stop, etc. Template is the basis of die parts, other parts are installed separately fixed on it. The plane size of the template, especially before and after the direction should be in line with the parts, too big or too small are not conducive to the operation. Some of the mold ( Blanking, punching mould) In order to leave a convenient, in die set consists of plate. The plate between the best and template with screw together, both the thickness of the plate should be absolutely equal. Plate spacing to the shall prevail, not too big, lest template fracture. 6, it includes screw fastening parts, nuts, washers, springs, dowel pin, etc. , generally USES the standard parts. Dosage of the stamping die standard parts is more, the design should be selected to ensure that the needs of the tightening and elasticity out, avoid fasteners exposed on the surface of the location of operation, to prevent hand touch hurt and interfere with the operation. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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