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The inspection of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
1, the material inspection of quality control is divided into material receiving inspection and cleaning before and after inspection and material check before production. The purpose is to confirm the material quality to meet the production requirements. 2, first article inspection 1 sequence pieces first determines the quality of the whole batch parts, the first article 1 sequence a check is an important part of the first article inspection. The specific way to observe whether there is the end tag parts, craze, fold, as well as the deformation phenomenon. 3, 100% of online partition check stamping check mainly through checking the partition implementation, including visual, tools to implement. 4, first, middleware, tailpiece extraction check the first article, middleware, tailpiece extraction check, can achieve better quality control. 5, the whole basket check parts to put the whole basket after basket parts for quality confirmation, can avoid the personnel basket and workstation shall not apply to the outflow caused by the bad parts. 6 parts, sheet metal detection using the thickness reduction ratio tester of CAE analysis of the parts is easy to crack in the production of parts and parts cracking statistical parts for thinning rate detection, can advance the product easy to crack the dangerous parts of early warning. 7, the parts precision tools using the product ( First article) Full size precision of detection, can advance warning to the parts with higher qualified rate, to avoid affect the size precision of the vehicle. 8, non-conforming hand non-conforming hand trim refers to the parts after repair to the basket and secondary parts don't check. Its purpose is to repair the project quality control check out bad, avoid bad product outflow and reduce scrap loss. 9 secondary parts, check for easy cracking parts production after the second inspection, can avoid the former sequence mri did not check out the bad product outflow. 10, outbound check parts this is the last line of product quality control level through outbound check to confirm again, can effectively avoid the defective product outflow. A: on the characteristics of stamping parts processing
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