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The installation of metal stamping parts specification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Metal stamping parts of the positioning parts is to determine the installation position of ware parts, a positioning pin ( Board) , blocking pin ( Board) , guide pin, guide plate, distance side knife, side pressure and etc. Design positioning parts should be considered when convenient operation, should not have been positioning, position to facilitate observation, had better use top presumption and the orientation of outer profile and guide pin, etc. Some of the mold ( Blanking, punching mould) In order to leave a convenient, in die set consists of plate. The plate between the best and template with screw together, both the thickness of the plate should be absolutely equal. Plate spacing to the shall prevail, not too big, lest template fracture. On an essay: introduction to the stamping die industry in our country at present new characteristics
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