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The introduction of common hardware standard parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1. Bolt: the head and the screw ( The cylinder with external thread) Two parts of fasteners, need to cooperate with nut, used for fastening the two parts with hole. This kind of connection form according to bolt connection. Metal stamping parts dealer understands, such as screw the nut on the bolt, then can make the two parts separately, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection. 2. Stud: no head, only both ends to go a class of threaded fasteners. One end of the connection, it must be screwing in part with internal thread hole, the other end through the parts with hole, and then screw nut, even if the two parts fastening connection into a whole. This connection is called stud connection, also belong to the detachable connection. Mainly used for connected parts of large thickness, compact structure, or because of frequent removal, unfavorable use the occasion of bolt connection. 3. Screw: is composed of the head and the screw type of fasteners, hardware stamping parts, as we have learned, can be divided into three categories: according to the use machine screws, set screws and screw special purposes. Screw machine is mainly used for the parts of a set screw hole, and a fastening connection between parts with hole, don't need a nut to cooperate, This connection is called screw connection, also belong to the detachable connection; Can also cooperate with nuts, used in between the two parts with hole fastening. ) Set screw is mainly used for the relative position between the fixed two parts. Special purpose screws such as such as lifting bolt for lifting parts. 4. Nut: with internal thread hole, general is shown for the flat six Angle shape, also have a flat square shape or cylindrical, flat with screw bolt, stud, or machine, used for fastening the two parts, as a whole. 5. Self tapping screw, similar to machine screw, the screw thread on the special self tapping screw with thread. Used for fastening two thin metal components, make it as a whole, the component on the need to make holes in advance, because the screw has high hardness, can be directly screwing component hole, make components formed in the corresponding internal thread. This connection is also belong to the detachable connection. Dongguan metal stamping parts, plastic wood card clasp, stainless steel on an article: tooth buckle the applicable range of stainless steel
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