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The introduction of explosion-proof piece

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
What is a riot? Explosion-proof slice and explosion-proof membrane, blasting board, since the crack plate. The sudden rise in pressure can automatically burst pressure safety device. Explosion-proof piece using flange in compression equipment or container on the vent pipe, when equipment or container pressure is too high, explosion-proof immediately burst, equipment internal pressure releasing in order to prevent the equipment damage. Explosion-proof piece burst pressure is generally not more than 1 operating pressure. 25 times. If the anti-explosion fracture just below the operating pressure, cannot maintain normal production. If more than set pressure and explosion-proof film also does not burst, it cannot guarantee safe production. Explosion-proof explosion-proof efficiency depends on its material, thickness and pressure relief hole area. Normal production when the pressure is small or normal pressure equipment, can use the asbestos board, plastic board, rubber sheet as explosion-proof piece; The negative pressure production 2 - can be used 3 cm rubber as explosion-proof slices. Operating at high pressure can use aluminum plate, copper plate, iron burst can produce sparks, can't use a combustion gas. My company manufacturing explosion-proof plate is produced by sintering net. Sintering net explosion-proof piece with corrosion resistant, flame retardant, and so on.
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