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The introduction of precision metal stamping process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
The number of stamping process mainly according to the size precision of workpiece geometry and material property and complexity to decide, in specific cases should also consider the ability of manufacturing mold, stamping equipment conditions, the production batch and process stability, and other factors. On the premise of guarantee the quality of precision metal stamping parts, in order to improve the economic benefit and the production efficiency, process quantity should be as less as possible. Precision stamping parts processing process should pay attention to the following principle: 1, the cross section when the workpiece quality and dimension accuracy requirement is high, can consider to add finishing process after blanking process or the fine blanking process directly. Number 2, bending process is mainly depends on the shape of the structure complexity, according to the number of the bending Angle and the relative position and the bending direction. When bending radius is less than the allowable values of bending parts, plastic process are increased after bending. 3 the number of processes, deep drawing parts and material properties, drawing height, dongguan metal stamping pieces of deep drawing step number and drawing conditions such as the diameter, material thickness, need to the deep drawing process can be determined. When drawing a radius or small size accuracy requirement is high, need to increase a plastic after deep drawing process. 4, the number of processes should also conform to the enterprise existing modelling ability and the condition of stamping equipment. Model-making abilities should be able to meet the requirements of mould processing and assembly accuracy increase. It can only increase the number of processes. 5, in order to improve the stability of stamping process sometimes need to increase the number of working procedure, to ensure the quality of stamping parts. Additional positioning technology Kong Chong system, such as bending parts forming process of the increasing deformation reduce Kong Chong cut to transfer area and so on. 6, blanking shape simple artifacts, by a single process of mould. Dongguan metal stamping parts blanking shape complex artifacts, due to the structure of the mould or strength is limited, its inner and outer contour should be divided into several parts blanking, stamping process that needs to adopt more. When necessary, can choose continuous mode. Higher requirements for the flatness of workpiece, can add after blanking process leveling process. A: metal stamping parts processing in the problem?
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