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The introduction of stamping copper, C1100, T2, Pure copper.


Copper is pure copper, also known as C1100 and T2, which is the elemental substance of copper, named for its purple-red color. Copper is industrial pure copper with a melting point of 1083°C, no allotropic transformation, and a relative density of 8.9, five times that of magnesium. The mass of the same volume is about 15% heavier than ordinary steel. Because of its rose-red color, it turns purple after an oxide film is formed on the surface, so it is generally called red copper. It is copper containing a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper.

Red copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to be processed by hot and cold pressing.


Characteristics of red copper: high purity, fine organization, extremely low oxygen content. No pores, trachoma, looseness, excellent electrical conductivity, high precision of the surface of the mold etched by electricity, after heat treatment process, the electrode has no direction, suitable for precision machining, with good thermal conductivity, processability, ductility, corrosion resistance etc..

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