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The lock pieces of metal stamping parts hardness testing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Lock pieces of metal stamping parts that we often encounter with his detection is important now to mainly introduce his hardness test, actually for and any things to our understanding of his are gradual never know to know. Material hardness testing, its main purpose is to determine to buy the sheet metal annealing is suitable for metal stamping parts processing, and then are going to do different kinds of metal stamping parts processing, need different hardness level of plank. Hot rolled steel plate is usually thicker, general provisions in steel standard cloth's hardness tester to test the hardness. Rockwell hardness meter to detect hot rolled steel plate is feasible, can use HRB scale. Portable rockwell hardness tester is used to test the hot rolled steel plate, can under the condition of no sampling test, the operation is very simple. For all kinds of metal stamping parts processing of cold-rolled steel plate mainly adopts rockwell hardness tester to test hardness, usually with HRB rod, harder with HRC scale. A: precision metal stamping parts forming
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