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The loudspeaker of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Loudspeaker: just as its name implies is refers to the speaker, 演讲者) Commonly known as the speaker content on the surface of a mesh material, common material is given priority to with metal sheet. Pass a round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole, diamond hole. The speaker ( 演讲者) Commonly known as the speaker, is a set of sound system in the indispensable important equipment. All music is sound through the speaker, for people to listen to and enjoy. As the electrical energy into & amp; 宝贝, Sound energy & amp; ”, The only equipment, quality and characteristics of the speaker, on the system of sound quality, plays a decisive role. Due to the particularity of the car, is not installed in the cars in general like home theater speakers, but directly to the vehicle speakers installed on the car, a luxury car or even can be installed more than 10 speakers. Speakers have a double cone, two main road type, three way, independent components, subwoofer units, etc. Independent components, including the high unit and independent alto unit and crossover network, generally installed in the car the front door. Generally speaking, the greater the diameter of the speaker, low frequency, the better, so like to listen to the bass, best with larger diameter of the speaker. The importance of the speaker in car audio system is more outstanding. To make car speakers showed excellent sense of tone and location, compared with the home audio, technical requirements and difficulty are much higher. The unfavorable factors of car speaker is various and complex, because the car interior space, there are some disadvantages: the house did not narrow space, irregular objects, complex environment ( Noise, vibration, automotive materials, etc. ) And the speaker location ( And the limit of the car inside and outside modelling) ; What is more important to listen to poor position, the left and right two sides; And because of the speaker to is not positive average is symmetrical, led to the complex frequency, phase difference and the peaks and troughs, standing wave and the time difference, reflective reverberation time is too long, Resonance) And so on, is not conducive to listening. Still, we can understand the sound system equipment properties, purpose, type, compatibility, and the characteristics of the speaker, and correct installation experience and skill, correctly handle the installation position of different bandwidth speakers, maintain its good directivity, and compatibility of power amplifier for technical adjustment, finally get a good results: common copper aluminum combination process
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