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The major cause of stamping concave and convex

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping production often is concave and convex problems, the reasons for this kind of undesirable phenomenon has a lot of, such as raw material, mould, impurities and so on, thus affecting the quality of the stampings. In order to avoid similar problems happen again and again, in the process of stamping parts production will pay attention to, thus will cause of concave and convex has carried on the detailed instructions. On the one hand is the cause of the personnel operating, in the process of stamping operation is not standard, including product to the mold collision; Belt height adjustment is not reasonable; Workshop equipment loading and deposited in the deformation, and so on. The presence of these factors will make the stamping surface concave and convex. There are technological reasons, punching machine working speed design is not reasonable; Drawing process of iron powder; Truncation planes have burr, it is also an important factor caused by stamping concave and convex. We will for different reasons, take different measures to achieve a certain effect.
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