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The meaning of precision terminal, chinese-english translation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
The meaning of precision terminal, chinese-english translation terminal 1 meanings. 1 terminal is made up of copper alloy after high-speed continuous stamping die or single engineering die processed products, terminal connector is the core of the complete electrical connection parts. 1. 2 generally consists of positive and negative contact piece of contact, through Yin and Yang contact is inserted and complete electrical connection positive contact pieces for the rigid parts. 1. 3 positive contact is generally made from brass and phosphor bronze. Negative is jack, it is the key contact for parts, it depends on the elastic structure in elastic deformation with pin inserted timeliness and produce elastic force and positive contact form close contact, complete the connection Terminal definition: 1. 1终端是由铜合金通过高速连续冲压模具或单个项目模具加工产品,终端连接器完成电气连接的核心部分的功能。 1. 2一般的积极的和消极的接触部分的联系,通过阴阳插头连接的接触部分完成的电气连接的积极接触部件的刚性部件。 1. 3积极接触件一般由黄铜和磷青铜。 消极的联系:杰克,是关键的部分接触,这取决于弹性结构与销插入和弹性变形和弹性力和积极联系密切联系,形成完整的连接文章出自精密,转载请注明出处!
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