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The method of quickly cleaning metal stamping parts.


Cleaning is an indispensable process in the production of metal stamping parts. This article will briefly introduce two common methods of quickly cleaning hardware parts. Of course, these knowledge points are well understood by metal stamping parts processing manufacturers, and there are also suitable methods for choosing their own.

There are two common cleaning methods for metal stamping parts: physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. One is through the principle of acousto-optic thermoelectricity, through the action of external forces, such as ultrasonic waves, high and low pressure, friction, etc. Among them, ultrasonic cleaning is more widely used; the other is the use of chemical reactions, generally various solvents, organic Or mineral acid, or oxidizing agent, etc., among them, solvent oil is widely used.

The two common methods of Metal stamping parts processing manufacturers. 

1. Ultrasonic automatic cleaning. The use of large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machines is more common in metal stamping parts processing plants, which have higher production efficiency than traditional cleaning methods and meet shorter lead times. The use of sound waves to remove surface stains without causing any damage to the components is a good choice. After cleaning, the punched parts can be packed in dust-free after drying, which is convenient and fast.

2. Solvent oil cleaning. This chemical method is mainly aimed at the cleaning of organic substances such as oil stains. The principle is that oil stains are more compatible with this solvent, and will not adhere to the surface of metal stamping parts. It has good volatility, but pay attention to using non-toxic, non-gaseous solvents Oil, friendly and harmless to human body, suitable for hardware cleaning.

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