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The nature of metal stamping parts processing and processing operations

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Metal stamping parts processing generally refers to the cold pressing parts processing, need according to the appearance of the parts design a set of mould, and then use this die stamping out the required parts, this is the cold stamping, directly in mould for hardware materials for stamping a simple processing technology. Metal stamping parts processing is power by means of conventional or special stamping equipment, the deformation of sheet metal in the mould is directly force and deformation, thereby gaining a certain shape, size and performance of product parts production technology. Thus it can be seen that sheet metal stamping parts processing, mold and equipment of the three elements. Not only that, metal stamping parts processing is also a kind of metal cold deformation processing method, it is one of the main method of metal plastic processing, also belong to material molding engineering technology. Metal stamping parts processing compared with castings, forgings, has the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong. Metal stamping parts processing can be divided into two major categories of separation process and forming process, the former is made in the process of stamping stampings and sheet metal along the contour line must be separated process; While the latter is the blank under the condition of no destruction of produce plastic deformation, to form the required shape and size precision of parts. Through a variety of process of metal stamping parts can be used in different industries, if the actual application of stamping parts and other requirements, can be in after the stamping forming order after the other, the machining process and lifter.
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