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The number of metal stamping parts to be produced should be determined according to the actual situation

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
After receiving an order for metal stamping parts, stamping parts processing plants often plan production according to the customer's order, but the disadvantage of this method is the lack of inventory. If the customer urgently needs another batch of goods, they cannot respond in time; Therefore, it is necessary for our stamping manufacturers to analyze the number of metal stamping parts that should be produced according to market sales and forecasts of the future market to respond to market changes; if the manufacturer predicts future demand, the manufacturer produces a certain amount In this way, it can meet special circumstances and buffer future production. Of course, the amount of inventory should be determined according to the manufacturer’s strength, scale, and market development trends, and it cannot be blindly produced. It is necessary to combine the actual situation to better grasp the market conditions; recommended article: What is the problem of the high scrap rate in the stamping parts processing plant? Previous post: Production characteristics and testing of electrical stamping parts
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