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The optimization of stamping parts processing blank design to do

by:Fortuna     2020-04-21
Due to the final accuracy of stamping parts processing, and quality is directly related to the design of the blank, there are many ways to design blank print, calculating formula for the design, mainly is suitable for the formed by the influence of due to its range of application, such as consisting of a rotating or by these simple pieces, only shape relatively simple graphics, and only in a very simple boundary conditions, characteristics from square solution that the slip line of mathematical expressions. Now operating complex reasons, making this method in the actual production of the stamping parts processing target in promotion and application of geometric mapping method at the same time, it is also one of stamping process design method of blank, its theoretical basis is without considering the deformation force, strain relationship and contour friction under the condition of boundary conditions, such as mapping one by one according to some hypothesis, but now it is widely used in the formation of stamping parts processing target. According to some hypothesis, according to the similarity of many physical problem, using the model of other physical means as a mathematical similarity theory to simulate the form, this kind of design method to design the electrolyte and measuring data, so its accuracy is affected by artificial factors, also learn about the velocity analysis method, the method including the initial velocity field in the deformation process optimization based on workpiece stamping parts processing target design. In the process of deformation, the limit point form direction moving from the initial position to the end, each node movement is not linear, direction is changing, if the final location of each node in the target contour, the resulting design is the best, in order to improve the forming matrix and cold forming performance, high strength stainless steel stamping parts processing manufacturing mold, cold stamping parts processing flower materials is to select and traditional technologies are heat treated steel substrate processing technology, to solve the similar material, such as stainless steel molding problem. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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