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The origin of the terminal and its widely used

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
The origin of the terminal and its widely used terminal was actually invented in phoenix, is a kind of sheet metal, wrapped by plastic insulation, fittings used to connect wires. After constant technical innovation, terminals are widely used in all aspects of the industry, even the application of industry standard is according to the technology system and rules. If in the past, no terminal times, people will only wire repeatedly intertwined, need to be connected or disconnected, and connect the wire, patiently untie, this really is a very complicated things, what is more, people also need to be wire welding, it is also a live technical. Although terminals used in our daily life, but the choice is suitable for the terminal docking, can meet the demand of our normal life. Terminal brand is varied, under the different classification, the total number of terminals and even reached tens of thousands of kinds: plug type, fence, spring, wear a wall, etc. Used in voltage current is very big, strong environment, had better use fence type terminal blocks, it under such circumstances, to effectively protect the safety of personnel, at the same time can provide more effective and reliable link. Once you have met thread self-locking and line pressing design, it is orbit type terminal blocks, it can and with a variety of attachment, such as short circuit, baffle, etc. In general, at the site, using relatively more wall terminals, the insulation performance is better, attachment, after can be directly in the outdoor work, thus can reduce or directly omit some wiring steps, in the changing work environment, select suitable terminals is more important. Of course, any product has a problem, the service life of terminal is not exceptional also, there will be some obvious reasons, such as contact, fixed bad, insulation layer falls off, and so on. So learn to timely is also necessary to solve these problems, we can adopt instantaneous fault detection, puckering separation, conduction test, etc. , at the same time we also need to other technical inspection, in case of other potential problems.
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