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The performance of the automobile connector terminals, how much do you know?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
The wide application of electronic industry all the time with our work and lifestyle, as automobile connector terminals in the electronic products, its precision and requirements, or performance, is of vital importance in electronic products, hardware terminal performance, do you know how many of the following is to introduce you to the car connector terminals of the three performance: a, mechanical properties, 1 mechanical properties in terms of automobile connector terminal connection, insertion force is an important mechanical properties. Insertion force into the force to insert and pull out the output, the requirement is different. In the relevant standards have the largest insertion force and the minimum separation force, this suggests that, from the point of use, insert force is smaller, if the separation force is too small, will affect the reliability of the contact. 2 mechanical properties is the mechanical life of car connector terminals. Mechanical life, in fact, a kind of durability index, call it in the national standard GB5095 mechanical operation. It is one insert and pull out a loop, plug in regulation loop after auto connector terminal can perform its normal function as the judging basis. 3 automotive connector terminal insertion force and mechanical life and contact element structure ( Positive pressure size) Contact parts plating quality ( Sliding friction coefficient) And contact element array size precision ( Alignment) The relevant. Second, electrical performance 1: contact resistance high quality car connector terminal should have low and stable contact resistance. Connection terminals of the contact resistance varies from a few milliohm to dozens of milliohm. 2: insulation resistance measuring automobile connector terminals and contacts between the contact between the shell and insulation performance indicators, the order of magnitude as megohm hundreds to thousands of ohms. 3 electric strength, or voltage, medium voltage, resistance is characterization of automobile connector terminal or contact between the contact between the shell and the ability of tolerance test voltage rating. 4 leak electromagnetic interference attenuation is automobile connector terminal evaluation of electromagnetic interference shielding effect, leakage of electromagnetic interference attenuation is hardware terminal electromagnetic interference shielding effect, evaluation is in commonly 100 MHZ ~ 10 GHZ frequency range test. Three, environmental performance 1 heat resistance: the automobile connector terminals of the highest working temperature is 200 ℃, minimum temperature of minus 65℃。 Because of hardware terminals, current at the contact point to generate heat, cause the temperature rise, therefore generally think the working temperature should be equal to the sum of environmental temperature and junction temperature rise. Cars in some specification, specified by the connector terminals in rated power flow allows for the highest temperature rise. 2 moist air resistance: resistance to the invasion of the damp air will affect automobile connector terminal insulation performance, and the corrosion of metal parts. Constant humid heat test conditions for relative humidity of 98% ( According to the product specification, up to 99%) , temperature + 40 & plusmn; 20 ℃, the test time according to the provisions of the product for at least 96 hours. Alternating hot and humid test is more stringent. 3 resistance to salt fog: automobile connector terminals in containing moisture and salt environment work, its processing layer on the surface of the metal structure, contact is likely to produce electrochemical corrosion, impact hardware terminal electrical and physical properties. In order to evaluate the hardware terminal's ability to tolerate this kind of environment, the salt spray test. It is hung connector in steel temperature controlled trials, the provisions of concentration of sodium chloride solution using compressed air, salt fog atmosphere, the exposure time prescribed by the product specification, at least 96 hours. 4 vibration and impact resistance, resistance to vibration and impact is an important performance of automotive connector terminals, in special application environment, such as aviation and aerospace, railway and highway transportation is particularly important, it is the robustness for testing electric connector mechanical structure and electric contact reliability of important indicators. In the relevant test method has clear rules. Five other environmental performance: according to the requirement, the car connector terminals of other environmental performance and sealing ( Air leak, liquid pressure) , liquid impregnation ( Resistance of certain liquid vices ability) , depression, etc. Precision, terminal structure, bold innovation, innovation of the original connector processing production technology, improve the quality of the automobile connector terminal level, we are looking forward to develop new products for you.
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